Mandatory Disclosure


Mandatory Disclosure Of Information About Accredited Programs
Amount of Industrial Consultancy earned (in lakhs of Rupees) : 1.5 lacs
No. of sponsored research projects completed : NA for Hospitality Industry
No. of patents produced : NA for Hospitality Industry
No. of sponsored research projects in progress : 4
No. of papers published in International journals : -
No. of papers published in National journals : 5
No. of papers presented in International Conferences / Seminars : 4
No. of papers presented in National Conferences / Seminars : 16
No. of International Conferences conducted : -
No. of National Conferences conducted : -
No. of Training Programmes / Short Term Courses conducted : 14
Placement Record for the previous year:
No. of Companies who visited the Campus : 15
Names and Details of companies who visited the campus along with No. of Students placed Internship USA-26, Hotel Seasons Rajkot-4, Reliance Jamnagar-2, Dasaprakash Ahmedabad-1, Marrioutt Courtyard Ahmedabad-1, Dhaba 203 Ahmedabad-1, VIHTM Rajkot-3, St. Laurn Ahmedabad-1, Pride Ahmedabad-1, Sayaji Indore-2, Fortune Landmark Ahmedabad -1, Comfort inn Ahmedabad-2, Lords Plaza Rajkot-1, Lords Surat -1, Taj Gateway Surat-1.
No. of Students placed through campus recruitment : 42
Maximum salary drawn (in Rs.) : 75,000=00 p.m.
Average salary drawn (in Rs.) : 15,000=00 p.m.
Budget Allocation for the Programme (in Lacs.)
Recurring : Rs. 26.25
Non-Recurring : Rs. 145.50
New initiatives and future vision, if any Autonomous Status
Note: Suppression and/or misrepresentation of information would attract appropriate penal action.