"Sushree Sãrdama Trust (SST) was established in 1997 at Rajkot, Gujarat (India), in the name of the Holy Mother, the wife of SHRI RAMASKRISHNA PARAMHAMSA, the great Guru of this century's hero, Karmayogi Swami Vivekanand, the wandering monk of our spiritual land, India.

The Trust has a strong belief in the holistic approach to management and in the ideology of Swami Vivekanand, hence creating the atmosphere for “Man -Making and Character- Building Education” and “serving the God in man”.

The Trust was established in July 1997, to commemorate the 50th year of Indian Independence, with the vision of 21st century in mind. It has made its campus “Bodhigram” in an area of four acres of land, in the lap of Mother Nature, only 20 Kilometers away from Rajkot city on N.H.8/B, Kuvadava road, Kuchiyadad, Rajkot.

To achieve its objectives in various fields, SST is engaged in various activities such as, Man -Making and Character- Building Education, Free Medical Camps, Service to God in Man, Spiritual Retreats, The Awareness of the Eco – Friendship etc.

Sushree Sãrdama Trust has undertaken the following actvities:

a) The Trust launched its Ahmedabad Campus under the brand name of Vivekanand Institute of Management (VIM) and has plans to carry the brand across the nation.

b) Creation of a Eco Campus.

c) Literacy campaign and social awareness programs are publicized for the local people around the campus.

d) First – Aid Center to be established on the campus for extending the medical help to the residents of the campus and the local people.  Since the campus is on the National Highway, the Trust also plans to keep an Ambulance for emergency services to be provided to one and all.

e) A Meditation Hall to be made on the campus for the Spiritual awakening in and around the campus.