Grievance Redressal


 Procedural Document Grievance Redressal Mechanism

Academic Year 2022-2023

This is to inform all that the Grievance Redressal Procedure and Grievance Redressal Committee for Academic Year 2022 -2023, shall be as mentioned below. All are requested to adhere to the same and follow:


Grievance is a feeling of resentment which might affect any student during his/her tenure at VIHTM. We at VIHTM work towards an environment of learning, freedom and happiness. Redressing grievances of students are primary objectives of each one working in the Institute. We at VIHTM shall ensure that grievances of any type are resolved.

Grievance Redressal Procedure:

Offline Grievance Redressal Procedure:

a. For an Offline Grievance Redressal procedure the Class Teacher is the first point of Contact for putting forward the grievance.

b. The grievance can be written formally and submitted or informed verbally to the Class Teacher. The same can be done to any teacher or Administrative Staff or to the Principal directly either in a written form or verbally.

c. Students who do not want to report grievances directly to teachers can undertake the online medium.

Online Grievance Redressal Procedure:

d. For an Online Grievance Redressal Procedure the student can email his /her grievance to the following email id’s.




e. On receipt of a Grievance from a concerned student the grievance shall be brought forward in front of the Grievance Redressal Committee.

f. The Grievance Redressal Committee shall meet and deliberate on a solution and discuss the same with the aggrieved.

g. If the aggrieved is not happy or do not accept the solution, the matter should be escalated to the Principal of the Institute for further deliberations and an appropriate solution.


VIHTM Grievance Redressal Committee (AY 2022-2023):

1. Chairperson                                                                : Mr. Udaidip Singh Chauhan

2. Member 1                                                                    : Mr. Abbas Bharmal

3. Member 2                                                                    : Mr. Mohit Gohel *

4. Member 3 (Female)                                                    : Ms. Swati Deshani        

5. Student Representative 1                                           :Mr. Jyotirmay Arya

6. Student Representative 2                                           :Mr. Jugal Thacker

7. Student Representative 3 (Female)                           :Ms. Paranshi Soni

* Mr. Mohit Gohel shall be the first point of contact for all grievances related to Mess and Canteen of VIHTM.

# All grievances related to maintenances additionally can be verbally spoken with Mr. Chandrakant Saresa, Maintenance Incharge, VIHTM or written in the Maintenance Register and escalated to the Principal if resolution is not sought.

The Ombudsman for the Institute is Mr. Manoj Upadhaya. (Contact Detail 9924003197).