Procedural Document Internal Complaint Committee
Academic Year 2022-2023

Sexual Harrasment  is any form of unwelcome sexual behaviour that's offensive, humiliating or intimidating. VIHTM respects all its women (students and staff members). VIHTM is an equal opportunity employer and the organization constitutes of around      40 % women workforce. The Institute has an INTERNAL COMPLAINT COMMITTEE that looks into matters of gender discrimination and Sexual harassment. Sensitization is a big aspect towards maintaining a parity in gender equality and the Institute through its initiatives strive to recognize and uplift its women workforce.

Sl No       Name of the Member    Profession as per committee         Contact               Email
1              Mrs. Richa Mohnani                   Chairperson                    8980888899
2              Mr. Mohit Mohnani                         Member                        9726500077
3              Ms. Nidhi Bhojani                          Member                        9428702820
4              Ms. Swati Deshani                        Member                        7567765787
5              Ms. Nidhi Kullar                             Student                         9099100126
6              Ms. Navdha Wanikar                     Student                        8980354472
7              Mrs Maria Singraj Chauhan          Member                        9712154766
8              Mr. Sanjay Pithadiya                     Member                        9978947337
9              Ms. Vaishali Raghani                    Student                         8140727226

Procedural Document Non-Discriminatory Committee
Academic Year 2022-2023

VIHTM Rajkot follows a policy of non-discrimination against any student based on caste, sect or religion. The Institute respects all students from different religions and castes and adheres to all standard notifications as laid down by the government. It works towards implementing all schemes implemented by the government for upliftment and betterment. The Institute has a committee that oversees any discrimination based on religion or caste.
Non-Discriminatory Committee Members 2022-2023
Sl No    Name of the Member    Contact Number               Email
1            Mr. Anil Vadodariya           9099700099
2            Mr. Mohit Gohel                9662609765
3            Mr. Vishal Jebeliya           7069422211
4            Mr. Abbas Bharmal          8511353666
5    Mrs. Maria Singraj Chauhan    9712154766
6    Mr. Chandrakant Saresa         9879962784