Anti Ragging



Procedural Document Anti Ragging Committee

Academic Year – 2022-2023

VIHTM Rajkot is proud of all its students and works towards grooming them into fine human beings for the society. VIHTM works towards rooting out the menace of ragging in all forms within the Institution and follows a strict Anti Ragging policy in the Institution.



Ragging is

i) a conduct whether by words (spoken or written) or by an act which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudeness any other student

 ii) Senior Students indulging in any rowdy or in-disciplined activities which causes or is likely to cause annoyance, hardship, psychological harm, raise fear, embarrassment, sense of shame, adversely affect the physique or psyche of a junior student.

iii) Abetment to Ragging is equivalent to Ragging.


i) The Institute considers Ragging in all forms as a cognizable offence.

ii) Ragging undertaken with female students leading to atrocity shall be considered at par with laws related to sexual assault, offence and Rape.

iii) Strict action shall be undertaken by the Institute against any student involved in Ragging or abetment to Ragging under different provisions of the law.


i) Anti Ragging Poster on the Campus and Hostel premises.

ii) Anti Ragging Leaflet in Admission brochures.

iii) Anti Ragging Undertaking to be signed by all students.

iv) Additional Anti Ragging undertaking for Hostel Students.

v) Formation of Anti Ragging Committee and watch groups.

vi) Anti Ragging induction to Students.

vii) Printed leaflet to new students indicating numbers and procedures of the Anti Ragging Cell of the Institute.

viii) Sensitization programs between Seniors and Fresher Students, Healthy Interactive sessions.

ix) Formation of mentoring cells within the Institute.

x) Internal Anti-Ragging squad.

xi) Sensitization about Anti Ragging Help line.

xi) Immediate action against students undertaking ragging and abetment to ragging.


The following punishments shall be implemented against student(s) who follow ragging practices or abet ragging within the Institution.

i) Suspension for a period from attending Classes.

ii) Guardian Call.

iii) Debarring from attending Examination.

iv) Fine

v) Expulsion from the Institute.

vi) Police Complaint

The VIHTM Anti Ragging Committee members for 2022-2023 are as :


Sl No Name of the Member Contact Number Email Id Profession
1 Mr. Mohit Mohnani 8866667777 Head of Committee
2 Mr. Udaidip Singh Chauhan 9067979492 Faculty Member
3 Ms. Nidhi Bhojani 8851462410 Faculty Member
4 Mr. Namiraj Jain 9824619176 Faculty Member
5 Mr. Manoj Nair 9427213888 Administrative Staff
6 Mr. Tanish Shah 9714673910 Student Member
7 Ms. Navdha Wanikar 7623895433 Student Member
8 Mr. Dilip Sharma 9228606011  
9 Mr. Miteshbhai Thakkar 9426953612 Member of Police Administration
10 Mr. Vanrajbhai Chavda 9824091602 Member of Civil Administration
11 Mr. Devendrasinh Panjrolia 9099946011 Parent  of Alumni
12 Mr. Girishbhai Jani 9824483390 Parent of Sr. Student
13 Mr. Vinodbhai Nathwani 9825211511 Media